The INURA 2016 Conference is organized by the Bucharest-based Association for Urban Transition (ATU) in collaboration with the Zurich-based non-profit organization NetHood.

If you have any questions or special requests please contact us at inura.bucharest-at-atu.org.ro

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The Association for Urban Transition (ATU) is a think-tank NGO that deals with urban challenges such as urban development, urban policy, urban culture and heritage, sustainable mobility and public space, collective housing and social exclusion. Established as a non-governmental organisation in 2001, ATU has always endorsed interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary studies and approaches, focusing on one main issue: ‘the city’. To this end, ATU compiles various methods and perspectives from different disciplines, while sharing a concern for urban phenomena. ATU comprises more than 60 members from various disciplines: architecture, urban planning, social studies, urban legislation and economics, and anthropology.

Volunteers: Toader Andreea Daniela, Tieru-Hatu  Ioana Maria, Cărămizaru Alexandra Carla, Olteanu Elena, Scorcealof Cosmin Tiberiu, Tiţa Bianca, Bernicu Vladimir Andrei, Ratoiu Mara Ioana, Voicu Andreea Cristina, Iancu Elena Oana



The International Network for Urban Research and Action (INURA) is a network of people involved in action and research in localities and cities. The Network consists of activists and researchers from community and environmental groups, universities, and local administrations, who wish to share experiences and to participate in common research. Examples of the issues that Network members are involved in include: major urban renewal projects, the urban periphery, community-led environmental schemes, urban traffic and transport, inner city labour markets, do-it-yourself culture, and social housing provision. In each case, the research is closely tied to, and is a product of, local action and initiative.